About Me

I first came up with the idea of setting up my boutique when I was off work on my maternity leave.

I had recently resigned from a high pressure job which was making my mental and overall health suffer. I had no clue what to do after my maternity leave ended as I had only ever really known the Financial Services Industry. It was only just after I gave birth to my daughter Rosie that the idea popped into my head.

Being a first time mum I was amazed at the amount of clothes I was getting through in such a short space of time. I hadn't really come across many second hand clothing sites and I really wish I had.. I must have spent so much money on outfits for her, only for them to have been worn a few times before being outgrown.

It seemed such a waste not just in monetary terms but also in the environmental sense too.

I started to sell a few of her items on market place and after a while I realised it would be great to try and start my own business in the second hand clothing market.

The other reason (which is the main reason close to my heart) is that I wanted to give back and help a trust/charity who helped me when I needed it. Before I had Rosie, I suffered an ectopic pregnancy in December 2020. This nearly resulted in me nearly losing my life due to internal bleeding.

Before my Ectopic, I never really heard of them or knew what they where. I didn't realize the seriousness of this condition and also the fact that it usually happens so early on in a pregnancy it is hard to detect until sometimes the damage has been done.

Having suffered this experience, I want to be able to support the only registered Ectopic Pregnancy charity to get the awareness out. I didn't receive any counselling or support after my Ectopic and was left to 'get on with it', luckily, I had my little miracle Rosie 10 months later.

So being able to set up a boutique just seemed like such a good idea, not only would I hopefully be saving parents some money rather than having to pay the price of buying new, I would also be helping the environment with less clothes being taken too land fill and also being able to support such a good cause. 

Therefore by supporting this charity, 15% of all my profit (i.e. 15% on every order) will be donated so that they have more resources available to support women who have sadly suffered an ectopic.